Finger Lickin Facts

If you’ve ever gone trick-or-treating, opened a Christmas stocking, or discovered a treat-laden basket on Easter morning, you’ll know all about the candy hierarchy.  When the dust settles and the initial festivities are over, instinct kicks in.  So you choose your spot:  safe and secluded.  Away from prying eyes and sticky fingers; this isn’t a […]

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Breaking Bread

  I love literature.  And I love that there are so many different elements that go into what makes a good story.  For instance, many times, it’s the nuanced details that, if you’re paying attention, are what can weave what would have been a dull and lifeless novel into a beautiful literary tapestry.  You’ll know it […]

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The Darkness of Depression

Friday turned out to be a mild, spring day in Mission Viejo; the temperature wasn’t supposed to crack the 70’s. The valley began to show signs of life as the California sun peaked over the Eastern hills, illuminating the subdivisions in this well to do Orange County city. Dogs were walked. Tall, nonfat lattes were […]

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Book Review: Red Letter Revolution

What did Jesus say about homosexuality?  Or Hell?  Or how we should engage the culture.   Shane Claiborne’s and Tony Campolo’s book Red Letter Revolution aims to answer those questions.  Through it isn’t cut and dry like so many other books, Red Letter Revolution is akin to sitting in the room while two good friends discuss […]

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