Sandwich Culture

“Sweet and savory. Fluffy and smoky. We combined the best sweet buns in Hawaii with our Texas-smoked brisket to create a sandwich that makes both states proud. Send your mouth a souvenir from Hawaii and Texas without ever leaving Arby’s.” That’s how Arby’s describes their “King’s Hawaiian BBQ Brisket.” I’ve never had the pleasure of […]

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9 Things I’m Thankful For

If nothing else Christians should be positive.  Looking back over the past year of Semi-Theologian I think it’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of my posts have approached topics, such as the Church and how we engage culture,  with an exceedingly critical eye.  It’s easy to do, quite honestly.  And while I don’t […]

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When Evangelicalism Falls

I know that sounds dramatic.  “The end is nigh!”  “The sky is falling!”  I could’ve gone with something much more gut wrenching, such as “The Death of the Church!”  Provocative though that may be, it simply isn’t accurate.  The Church is not dead, nor is it dying.  But it isn’t all-together well.  We evangelicals are […]

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What’s your big idea?

I love The Three Stooges.  Sure the humor is immature and ridiculous, and of course if someone got smacked in the head with an iron bar or had their nose twisted with a pair of pliers, someone would really get hurt or killed.  But I’m still going to laugh because it’s entertaining.  One of my […]

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Preaching the Silent Gospel

I’m kind of a weird protestant.  I participate on the worship team with my electric guitar; I love contemporary worship music, but I also enjoy hymns, which is probably out of the ordinary for 30-something Christians.  But it doesn’t stop there.  (No sir.)  Even though I’m learning to preach in what will probably be a […]

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