In the Groove

Soccer practice is on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at five. Wednesday is church night. Monday night is yoga where this week we will practice the ever-elusive “scratch my ear with my toes” technique. We love our routines. Even if you don’t see yourself as a “routine type of person,” whether you want to admit it […]

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Breaking Bread

  I love literature.  And I love that there are so many different elements that go into what makes a good story.  For instance, many times, it’s the nuanced details that, if you’re paying attention, are what can weave what would have been a dull and lifeless novel into a beautiful literary tapestry.  You’ll know it […]

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No Easy Answers

  It’s the little things that remind us of the rippling effects of unexpected death.  It briefly occurred to me today how presents for 20 children are wrapped and hidden away, never to be opened by their intended recipients, and how terribly difficult it will be for the parents to rediscover those packages.  Reminders of their children, of […]

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