Taking every opportunity

I hear robes are slimming. I should try those sometime.

Next week I’m going to my first preaching conference. OK, maybe conference is a bit of an embellishment. How about this: next week I’m going to go sit in what is likely to be a room full of preachers listening to a preacher preach about preaching. It’s going to be much more exciting than it sounds. The keynote is Will Willimon, a bishop in the United Methodist Church and former Dean of the Chapel at Duke University. Although he is rooted in mainline theology, his sermons are strongly biblical and challenging. I’m looking forward to the experience.

Being pulpit bound, myself, I think supplementing my education any way I can might be a good way of going about things.  Especially when the person teaching is considered one of the top 25 most influential preachers in the past 25 years. As impressive as that is, and not to take away from the Bishop, I’m not happy with any list that puts Rick Warren at #3, and Tim Keller at #25. That just seems so wrong.

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