Anticipating the Messiah

Sunday marks both the beginning of the Liturgical Calendar and the first Sunday of Advent, and I’m excited.  I wanted to do something on Advent last year, but I wasn’t able to find the time.  I know that’s a sorry excuse, but there it is.  This year I’m going to do it right.  Each Sunday I will post readings and prayers from the Revised Common Lectionary, followed by a musical selection a couple of days later.

Now I’m no expert on Advent for many reasons, but mainly because I’ve never been a part of a tradition that offered much respect or attention to the Christian (or liturgical) year.  Which is why if you are unfamiliar with Advent (like I have been,) or would simply like to understand ways you can celebrate Advent this year, I have posted a few resources that you might find helpful.

The first is by the late Michael Spencer, of Internet Monk fame.  In his post, Observing  Advent and Christmas: Thoughts for the Christian Family, Michael lists 12 ways you can encourage both a mindset of celebration and anticipation leading up to Christmas.

The second comes from Mark Roberts, and it is an excellent introduction for anyone who is new to Advent.  He also has a great blog that you might want to check out.  It’s worth the read.

Finally, a video.  It isn’t long, and it is absolutely worth watching.  After watching this, why don’t you share your thoughts about Advent and the Christmas season, and what it is you think we can do better, as individuals and as the Church, to usher in the Advent and Christmas season.

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