Breaking the Bubble


Over the past couple of months, my wife and I have been involved in a small group at our church. Generally catering to the 25-35(ish) demographic, we come from a variety of backgrounds, educationally, socially, professionally, and spiritually. I think that’s the beauty of the whole thing. Nobody comes to our community group to reflect on their contentment. We come together because we want to grow. We want to grow closer to God and each other. We want to challenge ourselves socially and spiritually. And, on occasion, we want to have really awesome snacks (read: Girl Scout Cookies.)

I’m not a very outgoing person, believe it or not, and never have been. I get nervous; I don’t know what to say, and I’m constantly fearful that what I do say will simply make me look stupid. I suppose, for me, life is like a perpetual 8th grade dance, where rather than manning up and talking to people, I just awkwardly stand with my hands in my pockets, hoping beyond belief that no attention will be drawn to me. I wish I could say that’s an exaggeration, and I wouldn’t say I have any sort of social phobia, but I don’t think introverted is an unfair label.

I guess that sounds kind of bleak, on my end. But it’s not that bad. I go to grow. And what’s wonderful about meeting in an intimate setting with other Christians is that it offers an opportunity to connect with others in an environment that fosters communication and encourages maturity. Simply put, I’m comfortable in this environment, though I’m not here to be comfortable, if that makes sense.

If your church has a small group program, I’d encourage you to take part in it. It’s hard to grow alone. If your idea of fellowshipping with other Christians is limited to whoever is sitting within a 10 foot radius from where you sit on Sunday, you could have such a better experience. Break out of your bubble and join a community group. There might even be a Samoa in it for you.

Are you in a small group?  If so, leave a comment and share your experience. 


  1. I was invited to one of these groups (I’m 20), and I was pretty reluctant; mainly because I think it’s corny as hell… but you’ve convinced me it’s not half bad. thanks.

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